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Singers, Musicians & Poets Nights Spotlight Nights
32 Everyone performs, potentially less songs each
9 Limit the number of performers, more songs each
22 Everyone performs, potentially less songs each
17 Limit the number of performers, more songs each
Comments Received:
1.  How about some sort of 'booking' system, or 'first come first served'?
2.  Spotlight performer perform earlier in 2nd half with less supporting performers.
3.  Spot performer to sing earlier in 2nd half.
4.  2 or 3 'warm up' artists first on Spotlight nights
5.  Everyone performing means that less encouragement is needed to turn up - otherwise would you have to organise   booking in advance?
6.  You have a great mix just as it is. Keep it up!
7.  Suggest 1 song each. jiva to perform more if time.
8.  Set the programme at the beginning of the night and late comers risk not getting a spot! Also more jiva - when you get a knob-twiddler!
9.   Potential singers to "report in" by 8:45 pm or risk not singing!
10. More from the Magic Circle x [we would like to see them at the Club again!... jiva]
11. The possible introduction of theme nights whereby a theme is announced and people sing songs relevant to said theme.
12. I think its unfair to restrict performers or penalise them for arriving later. Work commitments and distance travelled restrict some people.
13. It is the oldest trick in the book to turn up late and avoid the "grave yard shift". I suggest a deadline, say 8.45 or 9pm after which its too late, depending of course on how many performers have arrived on the night.
14. Singers nights should be kept informal and everyone should have a chance (even jiva). Spotlights are different, more structured, and need forward planning. Why not treat them as guest nights and select a small number of residents as support acts with their names "on the bill".
15. Always give everyone a spot, especially if they've come from far away - even if they seem to be some guitar-wielding Dylan imitator - you may be surprised enough to book them as guest!
16. A tightrope for organisers, there is no right answer. And you'll fall from the highwire more often than not. Everyone has a different view: performers want to be able to sing but they want as many songs as they can get, audience want diversity but they also want more of the people they like and less of the people they don't. Your newsletter says 'Less is more' but if you have more floor spots you get less time each, and if you have more time spent on changeovers and introductions you get less time for music. So more can sometimes be less.
17. I think anyone who performs on singers nights should be given the opportunity to perform two songs or two sets of tunes. If people know that they might not get a chance to perform, they might come earlier and we could get started earlier, making more time for performers. On spotlight nights, you could limit performers to one song in order to get more people on stage and, it is to be hoped, more people in the audience for the spotlight performers.
18. I like the idea of everyone having at least a chance to contribute. Know it's difficult to organise but 'first come first served' has worked so far?? The spotlight session allows more time anyway.
19. I think anyone who turns up and wants to play should get at least one song. I would rather play less songs than none at all and I think if we offer people to play more one time and none the next, the motivation to actually attend on a "fallow night" might be lacking. Another strategy to consider would be to give performers a time slot in which they can perform a number of short items (with no waffle) or 1-2 longer pieces (waffle included). I suspect this would be difficult to administer and I think you have a thankless enough task as it is but worth a thought? The important thing is that everyone including yourselves gets a fair shout and that we do not lose the friendly banter and heckling that goes on.
20. Limit performers. More from Spotlight.
21. Jimmy and Val have the impossible task , you simply cant win on this at any time - well done to you both for sticking with it singlehandedly it seems for so long , much appreciated.
22. On busy nights start on time or before time and shorten the time for interval. Sometimes one long song takes more time than two short ones. [If only everyone would turn up on or before time! - it would make the job of who is on and when a whole lot easier... jiva]
Your Suggestions For Improvement Received:
1.  Shame the Folk Bar work has been put back. More room is needed for the singers nights!
2.  Why not involve the regulars more and ease the burden on Jiva. after all why can't we hear Jim and Val? Comment on Q1 if everyone gets one song more time will be taken up with "changing over intros".
3.  Folk Bar improvements!

4.  More guests. Ask all potential guests to give references of a few folk clubs they have done and then you can get a true picture. People who send Cds which may have guest musicians on making the CD sound very much better are misleading.
5.  Thanks again for all the hard work you put in!
6.  I didn't mean to ramble on so much but just wanted to show that you are wasting your time asking for opinions. Maybe having your surveys is a clever way of raising the profile of the folk club, maybe you're naive if you think you can get others to make your decisions for you. As I've said in other surveys just get on with running the club your way, you're in charge, you make the decisions, you're doing fine as it is because the club was on the point of extinction when you took over and look at it now, it's thriving. You don't need permission to do what you think is best. OK? Got the message?
7.  I've voted but here's another suggestion. If a penalty for late arrival is introduced, it could be waived for people who live a long distance away who ring and say they would like to perform.
8.  On Spotlight Nights have one performer on 1st half of evening - then another performer on 2nd half.
9.  The folk bar is very often too small for the numbers attending and the Bothal suite too large. Is there another room mid way between these sizes that could be used all the time? [We wish there was, but at the Institute the answer is no, there isn't... can anyone suggest an alternative?... jiva]

Total votes counted: 41

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You can still add your votes and the see the results for All Previous Surveys.

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