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2004 got off to a good start for Ashington. See the photo commentary in our Past Events section.

We want audience and performers to enjoy visiting the club, and we want everyone to come back again. We asked people at the club to complete a short survey form asking for opinions and ideas. We'd also like you to join the debate by letting us know what you think, what does (and doesn't) work, how things are done at your clubs.

Join the debate, add your comments below or See Results So Far

Thank you for your feedback.
You can still add your votes and the see the results for All Previous Surveys.

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About You:
Your name
Your email
Your location
Your web address
May we publish the above details on our results page? Yes    No
Admission Charge:
Select one item from this box
Audience should pay nothing
Audience should pay 50p
Audience should pay 1
Audience should pay other...
Select one item from this box
Performers should pay nothing
Performers should pay 50p
Performers should pay 1
Performers should pay other...
Any comments about admission charges?
Smoking Policy:
Select one item from this box
Smoking should always be allowed
No smoking while performers are on
Smoking should only be allowed at the bar area
No smoking at all

Any comments about smoking policy?
Your Suggestions For Improvement:
If you have any suggestions for improving Ashington Folk Club, please add them below and/or let us know next time you visit.


You can still add your votes and the see the results for All Previous Surveys.

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