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Vince Carr

First performed at the club in May 2005.

Guitar player for nearly 20 years, singer for nearly 1 year!!!!! (you can tell...) - generally I prefer a good tune to a good song, instrumental music is my bag.

Huge range of musical influences - a fan of the best of singer/songwriters from Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan to Richard Thompson and John Martyn etc. Big fan of 'progressive' rock bands from the 70s - Yes, King Crimson, Moody Blues etc. Huge fan of fiddle player Dave Swarbrick (I'm currently learning to play the violin, expect first public performance in 2010...), mostly I listen to modern jazz - Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Gato Barbieri, John McLaughlin, Graham Collier, Mike Westbrook and many, many more...

All of these influences and more have resulted in a slightly eclectic approach to performance material. I'm always looking for songs and tunes to form the basis of guitar pieces as well as songs that suit my approach to the guitar. I'm generally not interested in straight reproductions of other peoples material, preferring to take the song or tune somewhere else. I'm currently studying the Music Degree access course at Newcastle University, with an eye to studying composition on the Degree course. I also have an acoustic guitar duo with my brother (a professional musician) which plays background music in restaurants/corporate events etc.

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Play 'Phantasmagoria In Two' extract Phantasmagoria In Two (extract)
Play 'The Toper's Rant' extract The Toper's Rant (extract)
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