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When Jimmy and Val first came to the club in October 2003, looking for venues to play, organiser Tommy Lewis was just about to announce his ‘retirement’ after many years of service to the club. jiva agreed to help run things – they liked it so much they bought the domain name ( – taking charge from February 2004.

The club has flourished under their stewardship, and Ashington is again blessed with numerous regular performers, both resident and visiting. Their ethos is that the club is a platform for people to perform, and they encourage allcomers (even to the point where there is little or no time for jiva to play).

jiva perform a gentle blend of acoustic guitars and vocal harmony, writing much of their own material. Their musical tastes include the likes of Allan Taylor, Melanie (yes, the original) Safka, Show of Hands, James Taylor and Ralph McTell.

In addition they design websites (jiva, Ashington Folk Club, The Bridge Folk Club) and are helping out with the  Cramlington Folk Club site too. They also record other local musicians, designing and producing CD labels, inserts, artwork, etc. Phew! Busy busy busy.

 Listen to jiva
Play 'Chairs Around The Room' (5 Mbytes) Chairs Around The Room (full song)
Play 'Dream On' extract Dream On (extract)
Play 'One More Song' extract One More Song (extract)
Play 'Remember The Music' extract Remember The Music (extract)
The above are all written by jiva (Jimmy & Val).
Contact jiva
phone 077868-36223

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