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We are indebted to Derek Greenacre of Jane's Alley for the following concerning the very early days of Ashington Folk Club.

The Cellar Club was established well before 1967 - in fact it was certainly in full operation by 1964 although I believe it was going even before this. It was formed by a group of teachers at Seaton Hirst Junior Boys School. The main owner of the club was Doug Cadwell (and his wife). Alan Richardson from the Seaton Hirst also worked there usually behind the bar, the original blues murals were painted by a teacher from the school too (I forget what he was called ).

On a Friday night was the folk club and on a Saturday night a rock band provided the joss-stick laden air with  the progressive sounds of  the early sixties. Other nights of the week were used as experimental art venues, guitar workshops, poetry readings etc. On the folk nights many of the resident performers (and indeed the audience) were from the 6th form of Ashington Grammar School. The Cellar featured a guest performer each week plus the resident band plus anyone else that cared to get up and sing/play. The quality of the resident bands was superb - Mick Darwin's Amazing Bean Bag Band (see photo below), The Garland  featuring the late Aidan Murray as well as the local whistle player Bill Conroy.

Many international folk/ blues acts who later became famous people were featured at the Cellar including Arlo Guthrie, Reverand Blind Gary Davis, Alexis Korner, Fleetwood Mac, The Spinners, Hamish Imlac.

Best wishes
Derek Greenacre

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Thanks to Derek for allowing us to copy and display this memorabilia from the very early days of the Lampglass Cellar Club.
Email received:
Sorry don't know much about the club but the guy in the photo with the suit on is Don Pirt, my uncle.
Steve Pirt.

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